Cost-saving Tips for Your Wedding in charleston sc

Cost-saving Tips for Your Wedding in charleston sc

Perhaps you are already making plans to tie the knot in a memorable event that your family and friends will attend. However, the budget is going over the top and it seems you may have to break the bank to host the kind of wedding you have always dreamed of. The truth is there are so many things you can do to reduce your overall costs and still host an event that everyone will remember for a long time.

To manage your finances and still have an unforgettable wedding

Here are some essential cost-saving tips:

  • Choose an off-peak date

Peak period tends to increase the cost of having a wedding as you will have to spend more on the wedding venue and other things during this period. Save cost on your wedding by simply choosing an off-peak date to get better and cheaper deals on most of the things you will need for the wedding. You can also avoid having a Saturday wedding to save cost.

  • Use electronic invitations

Rather than spending money on printing invitations, you can simply send electronic invitations to your guests. Not only will you save costs on the printing, but you are also going to avoid spending on the logistics of delivering the invitations to the guests. Even when the date is near, you can also send accompanying save-the-date reminders to remind your guests of your big day.

  • Host an intimate wedding

By having an intimate wedding, the number of your guests is drastically reduced to a few important people in your life. With this, you spend less on catering, favors and other things that are affected by the number of guests.

  • Get bridal dresses at the department stores

Although bridal shops are known to offer better and more aesthetic bridal dresses, their dresses are usually pricier than the ones at the department stores. So if you would like to save cost on your bridal dress, consider picking your dress at the department stores. Some of these stores also offer beautiful dresses that are relatively cheap.

  • Borrow wedding accessories

Perchance you have some friends or family member who had their wedding recently; you should consider borrowing wedding accessories from them. Veils, jewelry, and some other wedding accessories can be easily borrowed from others to save cost.

  • Simplify your catering options

Do you really need to pay caterers for costly seated, plated wedding meals? Probably not. Therefore, think about getting affordable food stations, buffets and budget-friendly catering options from your caterer. For drinks, you can also choose inexpensive wine and beer rather than expensive liquor, wine or mixers.

  • Reduce the photography time

Wedding photographers in charleston sc are undoubtedly an important part of your wedding. Nonetheless, you can still save cost on it by simply reducing the time that the videographer and the Charleston wedding photographer will spend at the party taking pictures. You should just ensure that the special moments, such as cake cutting and exchanging of wedding vows and rings, are not left out.

  • Choose a cake with two tiers

Basically, cakes with many tiers cost more than those with a few tiers. Therefore, manage your budget more effectively by going for a cake with two tiers.
Apply these cost-saving tips now and avoid having a wedding that costs an arm and a leg.