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Engagement Photos on a Family Farm in Walterboro, SC| Southern Tide Photography

As a Charleston Wedding Photographer, I have shot a lot of Engagement Shoots. A LOT. More then I could ever dream of counting. I have a lot of clients who ask for suggestions on where to have their Engagement Session, and I am more then happy to suggest some of my favorite places. But the thing I always tell a couple first, is that the location should have some type of meaning for them. Even if they are not from Charleston, you can still pick a location that represents you as a couple. For example, if the couple loves the water and enjoys doing activities on the water together, I would suggest a shoot at one of  Charleston’s local marinas or even the beach. If the couple had their first date at a restaurant in Downtown Charleston, I might suggest taking some of their Engagements in front of that restaurant and down some of the side streets around that restaurant. You want your engagement photos to tell a story, and the location is the most important aspect in achieving that.

I recently had a a couple hire me to shoot their wedding in the fall at the groom-to-be’s family farm. Brianna and Chase wanted to shoot their engagement photos there as well because the farm holds a lot of meaning and memories for the couple, and will be where they will be living as a newly married husband and wife.  I was so excited about this idea! Taking Brianna and Chase’s engagement photos at their family farm really allowed for the both of them to be so comfortable during their shoot, gave us a ton of different backdrops that were just gorgeous, and resulted in some stunning photos that are very personal and meaningful. Brianna and Chase also used some of the photos on their Save-the-Dates so their guests had a glimpse of the venue for the Wedding. Win win!

We shot Brianna and Chase’s engagement session shortly after sunrise, so the sunlight was soft and glowing. We were able to get some beautiful shots of the sunrise shining through the trees…you would never know by looking at the photos that it was 30 degrees out and there was a little bit of frost on the ground! The beautiful photos made the goosebumps and wet feet well worth it! 🙂

Take a look at some of my favorite photos from Brianna and Chase’s Engagement Session…






















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